Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malunggay's Healing Wonders

      Malunggay or Moringa Oelifera (scientific name) is known for its healing wonders.

      I believe in Malunggay's healing power.It  good natural antibiotic. I've tried it. I had once had
 body aches due to infection. I boiled some (7 stalks) malunggay leaves  in a cup of water. I drink it
while warm. It is good to drink while not yet cold. I put a little salt just to taste. It made me feel better
the next day. I feel well and vigorous.The pains are gone.

      The leaves are good for fresh wounds or cuts. Squeez the young leaves to extract juice. put the juice directly to the wound to prevent infection and swelling and to make the healing process faster.

     It is good for those who have high blood pressure. Some eat the seeds to maintain their blood pressure normal.

     It is good for a very nutritious meal or soup. Try Chicken tinola with malunggay leaves. If you are !00% pinoy, I am sure you know this.

     Some use it for acne.  If you have acne problems, it can help.

     There are many more that Malunggay Tree can do. I still have to do more research. and maybe put it here sometime.